Wet Wall Panels: How to Transform Your Bathroom

Here at Ceiling2Floor, we have a wide range of products that will transform the look and feel of your bathroom without any hassle. So if you’re searching for ways to create the home of your dreams, you’ve certainly come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore everything there is to know about our wet wall panels.

Why should you choose wet wall panels over tiles?

There are a number of ways you can decorate your bathroom. These are four reasons why we recommend using our panels over tiles.

1. They’re sleek and stylish

Ceiling2Floor panels come in multiple designs, so you can personalise your bathroom however you’d like. If you’d like a monochromatic bathroom, for example, our Graphite Linear Matt Super 7 Wall Panel is the perfect match for your home. And why stop there? You can create a minimalistic bathroom with the White Gloss PVC Wall Panel, a modern bathroom with the Light Grey Marble PVC Wall Panel or a rustic bathroom with the Grey Mosaic Matt PVS Wall Panel. The world is your oyster!

They’re completely waterproof

If you have bathroom tiles, steam and condensation can cause the grouting to become mouldy. But wet wall panels are completely waterproof! This means you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing mouldy grouting whether you’re using our panelling on your walls, floors or ceiling.

They’re quick and simple to install

It’s no secret that installing bathroom tiles is time-consuming. Not only is it tedious, but it can look rather lacklustre if done poorly. Thanks to wet wall panels, you can now build your bathroom within a few simple steps.

They come with a warranty

Ceiling2Floor offer our customers with a warranty. Most of our products come with a 12-month warranty, although some manufacturers provide extended periods depending on the item. To find out more, visit the products page or speak to a member of our team today.

How to cut and fit wet wall panels

Panels are easy to work with. If you’re confident within your abilities and enjoy mastering a DIY project, you can easily cut your own panelling with an ergonomic Predator UPVC Saw. This tool is perfect for cutting all of our sills, trims and PVC wall panels. That being said, you might not have to cut your panelling. We have a range of 250mm, 400mm and 600mm wet wall panels ready to be installed as and when they come! Once you’re certain they’re right size, you can start to the installation process. First, you’ll need to attach the correct trims. Not only do we have 5mm, 7mm and 10mm PVC Trims, but we also have 7mm and 10mm Aluminium Trims to choose from. The rest of the process is relatively straightforward. To make sure everything is properly aligned and sealed, you can use foam tape and high-quality Glue Strip Silicone Sealant. Our panels are also lightweight, so you’re able to do this by yourself if you feel able.

How to care for wet wall panels

If you’re searching for ways to care for your panels, follow these two steps and make your panelling last for years and years to come.

How to clean wet wall panels

Our wall panels are super easy to clean. We recommend using a non-abrasive, anti-bacterial PVC Hard Surface Cleaner and wiping away any moisture with a towel. They’ll look shiny and new in no time!

How to repair wet wall panels

Accidents happen. If your panelling is damaged, you can repair it by cutting out the affected area and replacing it with a fresh cutting. While this may work for small holes, you may need to replace a whole panel if the damage is considerable. So, are wet wall panels any good? Yes! Create your dream home with Ceiling2Floor today. And remember that our team here to answer any of your questions surrounding our products.