The Cost Effective, Waterproof Alternative To Tiles

PVC wall, ceiling and shower panels are a cost effective, waterproof alternative to tiles for your home or commercial property. Ceiling2Floor are the UK’s No1 manufacturer and supplier of decorative PVC panels, with 11 branches covering Scotland and the North of England. Our team of experts are on hand to assist you in choosing your products and give any advice you may need with regards to installation and maintenance.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using decorative PVC panels for your next renovation project.

  • Easy and fast to install: Our PVC panels are designed with easy fitting in mind. Our patented tongue and groove system means panels slot quickly and easily together with no grout required. The panels can easily be cut to size to ensure they are the perfect fit for your space.
  • Water-resistant: Our PVC panels are very popular in bathrooms and kitchens as they are water-repellent and mildew-resistant, but they can be used all over the house (basements, attics, garages, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.).
  • Budget-friendly: compared to tiling, you save a lot of time and work when installing PVC panels on walls and ceilings. PVC panels are cheaper than tiles per square metre and are also cheaper to install.
  • Versatile product: our panels are suitable for both wet and dry areas which makes them ideal for cladding walls and ceilings of houses, offices and commercial businesses.
  • Hygienic: PVC panels provide a very clean and hygienic solution for wall and ceiling decoration. Once installed, there is no grout that gets dirty. PVC is mildew-resistant and prevents bacterial growth.
  • User friendly: PVC panels require only limited aftercare as dirt cannot collect in pores or cracks due to the smooth surface of the panels. To clean simply wipe the panels with a soft cloth using any non abrasive cleaner.
  • Recyclable: PVC is 100% recyclable. Our panels can be taken to any plastic recycling facility.

No further finishing required after installation: no need to pain, varnish or lacquer.

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