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Predator UPVC Saw

• A hardpoint saw for cutting UPVC and hard plastics
• Fast cut – rapid, clean cutting action
• Rigid blade minimises ‘whip’ and vibration
• Ideal for cutting sills, trims and plastic pipes
• Comfortable handle – Suregrip® soft-feel ergonomic grip and finger guide for accuracy, also incorporating a useful 45/90˚ angle guide


The Spear & Jackson Predator UPVC Saw is a hardpoint saw designed for cutting UPVC and hard plastics and is ideal for cutting sills, trims and PVC Wall Panels with a fast cut, rapid, clean cutting action. The rigid blade minimises ‘whip’ and vibration.

Spear & Jackson’s foundations were laid in 1760, since our beginnings centuries of experience and innovation have resulted in the materials and development expertise that resides within the company today; and “continuous innovation” is at the heart of the company’s ethos. Spear & Jackson is a world-wide brand, distributing products throughout the world. Our products are manufactured to a high quality standard and offer superb service and longevity; guaranteed against defects in manufacturing, subject to normal wear & tear and the provision of reasonable care and maintenance

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