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KlickerTouch Thermostat

The new Klicker-Touch is designed to be the simplest to use electric underfloor heating control available.

Features include:

Easy to use – touchscreen interface makes any adjustment easy.

Easy installation – choice of 4 factory preset program schedules to get your heating working quickly.

Intuitive Programming – simple to use graphical display with a choice of screen colours.

Energy Efficient – optimise comfort and save energy with multiple time and temperature settings.

Energy Monitor – shows how much energy is being used and when.

Attractive Styling – choice of thermostat finishes and display options

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The Klicker-Touch comes packed with innovative features to optimise your comfort and minimise running costs with the simplest touch screen interface.

A large full colour backlit touch screen provides simple programming by guiding you through program setup and adjustment – no need for any complicated instruction manual.




Graphical energy monitor shows you how much energy you are using – allowing you to optimise your comfort and save on your energy costs

Multiple temperature settings can be set throughout the day to optimise comfort and save on energy bills.

User configured operating mode – One thermostat for all room type applications: Air + Floor, Floor only, Air only.

User configured screen colour.





Maximum load: 16 Amps, 230V AC, 3680W
Electrical Protection: Class II
External Sensor Compatibility: 10K, 12K or 15K OHMs
Floor Sensor Type: NTC, 3M cable
Dimensions H/W/D: 90 x 90 x 19 mm
Installation Depth: 22mm
Warranty: 3 years
Approvals: EN 60730-1:2003

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