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Aluminium External Corner Trim – 7mm

Our ALU-TRIM range is designed to be used in conjunction with any of our paneling systems. These 7mm aluminium extrusions are 2.4 metres long and are available in 6 profiles and 2 finishes. Use them with our PVC wall panels to join corners and cap edges to give a polished finish to your job.

Our extrusions are manufactured from the highest grade aluminium to ensure optimum durability.

Available in the following:

Length: 2.4M (2400mm)

Material: Aluminium

Colour: White, Anthracite, Satin Silver & Silver

Suitable For: 7mm Ceiling & Wall panels

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Our Aluminium Wall Panel Trims are 2.4 metres long and available in 6 profiles and 2 finishes. Use them with our PVC wall panels to join corners, cap edges and connect panels to give a polished finish to your job.


External Corner Aluminium Trim

External corners serve the same purpose as the external angles, the only difference being the way they are fitted. The external corners have a slot either side for the panels to slide into.

The external corner trim will provide a neat slightly rounded corner and cover any cut edges.

All of our Aluminium trims are full waterproof, easy to fit and even easier to keep clean. No messy grout and mould free. Just like our PVC panels, all you need is warm soapy water.




Aluminium Wall Panel Trims – Profile Guide

Internal corner
Gives a perfect corner where two panels meet together at a right angle.

Typically used where the wall panel meets the ceiling. A Concave profile.

External Corner
A rounded edge gives a smooth corner to an external 90 degree.

L Shape
Offers a perfect square corner, this trim is installed after the panels are fitted.

End U 
Slot onto the top or side of a panel to give a perfect clean edge.

H Join
Use this trim to join two cut panels when the tongue and groove profiles have been removed

The versatile trim. Use this in any corner either vertical or horizontal. Convex profile.



If you would like more information about our Aluminium Panel Trims please contact the Ceiling2Floor team at or call us on 0141 641 0071

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