Making The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

Smaller bathrooms can seem poky and difficult to manage unless you learn a few tricks to maximise your space! 

Let there be light! 

Natural light from the window instantly brightens up a small bathroom. Where possible, leave windows unadorned with clear or frosted glass. Light gives the effect of open space so make the most of your windowsill. Remove all clutter and put up some light or pastel coloured sheer curtains or blinds to ensure you are maximising the chances of getting sunshine throughout the day.

For windowless bathrooms; choose a lighting fixture that will bring as much of your electrical light into the room as possible. Don’t go for heavy or domineering light shades. If you can, add more lighting fixtures around the room like sconces either side of the mirror, for example. If you’ve got space – hang a large mirror to reflect light around the room and give the walls a fresh lick of paint with some bright or fresh white colourings. 

Let’s talk about colour

Light colours such as whites, neutrals, creams and pastels are ideal for small bathrooms. White bounces the light around the room, whilst shades such as ice blue hues brighten up a monotonous bathroom. Pastels also create the illusion of more space whilst cool shades give a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Our light-coloured decorative PVC panels are perfect for giving the illusion of light and space, for a clean bright finish check out our White Gloss and Arctic Sparkle Gloss decors. 

Accessorise with care 

Avoid dark walls or dark fittings but if you do want contrast, limit to only one or two items to create a focal point or bring darker or brighter shades in accessories such as towels and mats.

Mirrors are probably one of the best tools around for enhancing a small bathroom.  A large mirror in front of the bathroom sink will reflect all of the light in the room. 

Feature Floors

Blending the floor colour to the wall colour doubles the space in a small bathroom. By blending the colour of the tile with the wall, it will create the look of one larger room.

Avoid mosaic style patterns or small, fussy tiles as it will draw the eye in and gives the impression of closing in whereas larger tiles and patterns open the space up. Again, go for whites and lights like KlicKer Floor in White Oak or Sand Stone to aid the perception of a big bathroom. 

These are just some small bathroom ideas to make the most of your space, if you have another we’d love you to share them with us!

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