Maintaining Your PVC Wall, Ceiling And Shower Panels

Maintaining your Ceiling2Floor PVC wall, ceiling and shower panels is quick and simple. Our panels are waterproof, stain resistant and hygienic and if you look after them properly you can prolong their lifespan and keep them looking as good as new. 

To clean your PVC panels all you need is a soft cloth, warm water and a gentle non-abrasive cleaner or washing up liquid, we have our own specially formulated Anti-Bacterial Hard Surface Cleaner which you can purchase from any of our branches. Chemical cleaners and bleach while fine for cleaning for cleaning your toilet and wash hand basin will damage the finish on your panels. 

Once you have everything you need, start to cover the entire surface of your panels with warm water and your chosen cleaning product using your soft cloth, when your panels are clean rinse them with warm water, to prevent streaks your can dry your panels with a dry soft cloth . 

💦 Do not use abrasive cleaners and bleaches. Our panels are so easy to clean you don’t need them!

💦 Our panels are strong and durable but they don’t like direct sunlight or temperatures in excess of 60 degrees celsius.

💦 You can effectively and hygienically clean your panels with our own brand Anti-Bacterial Hard Surface Cleaner which is a mild NON-ABRASIVE cleaner, or most domestic NON-ABRASIVE washing up liquids.

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