Radiant underfloor heating foil mats

KlickerMat® Aluminium Foil Heating Mats are designed for use under KlickerFloor® which can be installed in all areas including wet environments like bathrooms and shower rooms.

KLICKERMAT® mats are a combination of heating cables encased in an aluminium foil. The aluminium layer above the heating cables acts as a heat dispersion medium and earthing grid making the product suitable for use in wet areas like bathrooms or shower rooms.

KLICKERMAT® Radiant underfloor heating

Radiant heating is the most efficient form of heat distribution. The radiant heat in the form of Infra-red energy radiates throughout the room. The objects and occupants are heated first and then gently warm the surrounding air.

•  Quick Installation – simply roll out the mat and fix to the floor
•  Suitable for use under floating laminate and engineered hardwood floors
•  Fully earthed aluminium foil offers electric radiant heat in wet areas
•  Dry installation – no self levelling compound required
•  Low build height – only 7mm when used in conjunction with KlickerLite insulation

KlickerMAT with KlickerLITE insulation boards + KlickerTouch thermostat are the ideal underfloor heating solution for KlickerFLOOR

1. Klicker Floor
2. Klicker Mat Radiant Underfloor Heating Mat
3. KlickerLite Insulation Board
4. Wood/Concrete Subfloor
5. Thermostat


Plan your installation using a sketch, marking the layout pattern and the positions for the thermostat and floor limit sensor. Calculate the free floor space that you want heated. (free floor area = total floor area minus any permanent fixtures).

You cannot install the matting under floor fitted furniture (baths, WC or cabinets). It is important that you calculate accurately the size of mat or combination of mats required. The mats cannot be reduced in size and the cable should not be stripped from the foil heating mat except to execute turns.

Please also consider that there should be a minimum perimeter clearance left of 50mm in addition to a 30mm spacing between parallel cut sections of the matting. Additional mats should be wired in parallel using a suitable junction box