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Wetrooms & Driwall guarantees that, correctly installed, from the date of purchase, that Wetrooms & Driwall PVC Ceiling, Wall and Shower panels will not delaminate or crack.

Wetrooms & Driwall products are manufactured with care from the best materials, however, if the panels show any material or manufacturing fault within 5 years after purchase please contact your local Wetrooms & Driwall dealer where your purchase was made within 30 days of discovering the fault.


The guarantee applies only if the rules stated below are followed, and if the panels have been fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The claim must be accompanied by a copy of your receipt. Keep your receipt at all times. The guarantee is non-transferable. Due to the commitment to continuous product development we reserve the right to alter any specifications without notice. The product will be replaced or refunded at the manufacturer’s discrection. No other loss is guaranteed.

  1. Before a customer complaint can be processed a copy of the original customer/end user receipt must be received by Wetrooms or Ceiling 2 Floor.
  2. The panels must NOT be subject to any form of abuse such as being hit by any object, punched, kicked, or any other force that may cause damage to the panels.
  3. 5mm & 6mm thickness/depth Ceiling & Wall panels are not guaranteed for use in showers, and the guarantee is void in such circumstances.
  4. 7mm & 10mm thickness/depth Shower & Wall Widepanels are recommended for Shower and Wet Areas, and covered by the guarantee subject to Wetrooms sealant being used to fully seal all joints extrusions, and panels ends.
  5. Check all Wetrooms & Driwall panels and extrusions for visible defects before and during installation. As is general practice, panels and extrusions that have been installed are assumed to be accepted.
  6. Before installation, the panels should be allowed to acclimatise in the room where they are to be installed for 24-48 hours.
  7. Please follow the installation instructions in the panel pack, or the guarantee will be void.
  8. All expansion gaps and extrusions must be fitted with Wetrooms sealant when fitted in showers and wet areas.
  9. Wetrooms & Driwall only recommends Wetrooms sealant for Shower and Wet Area Installations. The guarantee is void if Wetrooms Sealant has not been used to fully seal the panels in Wet Areas.
  10. Timber Battens (45mm x 21mm) are recommended if walls are uneven, in new build homes, and in rooms subject to condensation such as bathrooms. Fit battens at a maximum distance of 500mm apart. Fit panels to battens using Wetrooms panel adhesive. If walls are flat, dry and clean panels can be fitted directly on the wall, subject to the correct adhesive being used.
  11. The panels may not be subjected to temperatures above 60oC. This has to be taken into consideration especially when installing illumination into the panels.
  12. Panels are for internal use only. Panels must not be fitted externally or exposed to any external elements such as acidic rain or direct UV sunrays.
  13. To keep the panels in good condition they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a cleaner such as Wetrooms Hard Surface Cleaner, which is non-abrasive and anti-fungicidal.
  14. Abrasive cleaners and cleaners containing bleach must not be used.
  15. If the problem is a manufacturing fault, The Wetrooms & Driwall guarantee is limited to the supply of new panels of similar quality. Your local Wetrooms & Driwall dealer will handle your claim once authorised.
  16. The guarantee does not cover ingress of water where the panels have not been fully sealed with Wetrooms sealant, including any cuts in the panels such as for mounting accessories in a shower or if the seal or surface has been subsequently damaged or broken.

This guarantee is subject to the standard terms of sale as permitted by law and does not affect your statutory rights. Wetrooms Distribution Ltd. reserves the right to alter the technical specifications in their literature.

Due to the limitations of the printing process, colours may vary from the Wetrooms & Driwall brochures and marketing materials.