Get Your House Christmas Ready

Whatever you think about Christmas, there’s no denying that it’s still one of the best times to invite friends and family into your home with just under a month to go until the big day, there’s plenty of time to think about getting your home spruced up for your guests

With all that time spent carefully wrapping up presents, perhaps it’s time to lavish some attention on your walls and floors? Peeling, flaky paintwork, grubby, stained grout or cracked flooring certainly doesn’t look very festive. At Ceiling2Floor our decorative PVC wall, shower and ceiling panels, and luxury vinyl KlicKer Floor can be used to give your home a quick, budget-friendly makeover.

Our decorative PVC wall panels come in a huge variety of decors and can be installed directly to your wall, shower area or ceiling quickly and easily to form a durable waterproof surface that looks amazing and can be easily maintained. It is the perfect product for freshening up your bathroom or shower area or covering up tired tile in your kitchen.

New flooring can often be costly and involve a complicated install which is lengthy and inconvenient. KlicKer Floor is our revolutionary vinyl click flooring which offers a cost effective alternative to hardwood or stone tile products, the product has been engineered to mimic the look of real wood and stone without the hefty price tag. Kicker Floor can be easily and quickly installed with no specialist fitting or expensive underlay required. The wood planks or stone tiles simply click together to form a floating floor without the need for messy glue or settling periods. The purse-friendly price coupled with easy fitting means that a new floor for Christmas really is achievable.

Remember, if you buy now, you can get delivery or take home your product before Christmas, giving you plenty of time to get your home ready for the festive season.

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